Genuine Mazda spare parts in Yen Bai

Genuine parts are parts manufactured and supplied by the official manufacturer of a certain car brand. They are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure vehicle safety, durability and performance. With genuine spare parts, users can be assured of quality and perfect compatibility with their vehicle.

Mazda is a famous car brand in the world and has been present in Vietnam for many years. With quality and classy design, Mazda cars are always trusted and loved by consumers. To maintain and repair Mazda vehicles, using genuine spare parts is very important.

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Genuine Mazda spare parts in Yen Bai

In Yen Bai, there are many dealers providing genuine Mazda spare parts to meet customer needs. This dealership not only provides genuine spare parts but also has a team of professional and experienced technicians to support customers in vehicle installation and maintenance.

Some popular genuine Mazda parts include:

Air filter: Air filter helps prevent dust, insects and other small particles from entering the vehicle’s cooling system and air cleaning system.

Oil filter: Oil filters help remove impurities and dirt from motor oil, helping to protect the engine from wear and tear.

Fuel filter: The fuel filter helps remove impurities and sediment from the fuel before it enters the vehicle’s fuel system.

Air filter: Air filter helps prevent dust particles and insects from entering the combustion system in the engine.

Coolant tank: The coolant tank is an important part of the vehicle’s cooling system, helping to regulate the engine’s temperature.

Using genuine Mazda parts in Yen Bai brings many benefits to users. First, the quality of genuine spare parts is guaranteed, helping to increase the vehicle’s lifespan and performance. Second, using genuine spare parts helps ensure safety for the driver and passengers. Finally, using genuine parts helps protect the value and originality of the vehicle, making it easier for users to sell the vehicle in the future.

Mazda navigation system parts

The navigation system in Mazda vehicles plays an important role in assisting drivers, providing information about location, direction, and many other features. Below are some main parts of the navigation system in Mazda vehicles:

Control Unit:

Purpose: Is the central unit that manages the entire navigation system.

Function: Process location data, positioning information and interact with other parts of the system.

GPS Antenna:

Purpose: Receive signals from satellites to determine exact location.

Function: GPS reception helps the system determine the vehicle’s location and direction of movement.


Purpose: Display location information and related functions.

Function: Provides an interface for the driver to monitor and interact with the navigation system.


Purpose: Store data related to maps and driver adjustments.

Function: Holds location information, destinations, and other data to reduce data download time from satellites.

Speed Sensor:

Purpose: Measure the vehicle’s moving speed.

Function: Supports the navigation system in determining location and calculating travel time.

Graphics Processor:

Purpose: Process graphical data and display it visually on the screen.

Function: Display maps, directions and other information clearly and easily for the driver.

Control Keys:

Purpose: Provides a way to interact with the navigation system.

Function: Allows the driver to perform operations such as setting destinations, adjusting maps, and other operations conveniently.

Connection Ports:

Purpose: Connect to peripheral devices such as mobile phones or other devices.

Functions: Allows integration with mobile applications, online map updates, and data sharing.

These components work together to create an effective navigation system in Mazda vehicles, providing a safe and convenient driving experience for the user.

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Summary of genuine Mazda spare parts in Yen Bai

Genuine Mazda spare parts in Yen Bai are the best choice for Mazda vehicle maintenance and repair. With guaranteed quality and perfect compatibility with the vehicle, users can rest assured about the vehicle’s performance and safety. Choose genuine spare parts to ensure your vehicle is always in the best condition and durable throughout the entire journey.

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