Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is participating in betting and entertainment in a controlled manner, without affecting the normal life of yourself and your family. This is considered a positive trend that both players and betting companies need to aim for.

According to experts, responsible gambling should be based on 5 basic principles:

First, players need to set a budget and limit gambling time in accordance with their financial conditions. Don’t try to play too hard to avoid risks.

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Second, always control your bets. Don’t place bets based on emotions or pressure from others.

Third, only play when awake and alert. Do not play when affected by alcohol or stimulants.

Fourth, consider gambling as a form of entertainment, do not depend on it to make money. Always prioritize fixed expenses first.

Fifth, if you feel you cannot control it, you need to self-isolate and seek help from relatives and doctors.

At the same time, betting companies also need to promote social responsibility by:

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Provide self-exclusion options for problematic players.
Providing information and advice on responsible betting.
Cooperate with organizations that fight gambling addiction and treat abuse.
Invest in research and public education about responsible gambling.
Thus, through the cooperation of both players and betting companies, responsible gambling will increasingly become a popular trend, contributing to minimizing the negative impact of gambling on people. society.

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