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In the fierce competition among online bookmakers, providing attractive promotions and bonuses to customers is one of the important strategies. Betting floors and casinos always seek to attract players with “huge” incentives in many different forms.

The most popular are bet return programs. Players will be refunded a certain percentage of the bet amount, sometimes up to 25-30% depending on the policy of each bookmaker. This program applies to both sports betting and casino games such as poker, lottery, roulette…

There are also weekly and monthly bonus programs for loyal customers. Players will earn points based on the bet amount or membership level. Accumulated enough points will be converted into real valuable bonuses.

For online casinos, lucky drawing is also very popular. For example, spin 3 lucky numbers to win a Jackpot worth thousands of dollars every week. There is also a free lucky spin bonus so players have the opportunity to win extra cash or high-value gifts.

For new participants, betting floors and casinos often have incentive programs specifically for new members. Players can immediately receive a bonus of 100% of the initial investment value up to several hundred USD. This is considered one of the most attractive promotions.

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Of course, the above incentives are associated with many binding conditions that players need to read carefully before receiving rewards. For example, it is required to bet a certain number of times or value to withdraw the bonus. However, if used well, players have the opportunity to benefit from attractive promotions from online betting floors and casinos.

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